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NORD increases resilience of drives with nsd tupH sealed surface conversion system

Drives manufactured by NORD Drivesystems deliver permanent corrosion
resistance by means of the nsd tupH sealed surface conversion system.

Unlike the limitations of paint, the nsd tupH system gives a smooth,
ultra-hard surface to aluminium drives, protecting them from blows or
scratches. Tested and proven in marine applications, the drives have previously
proven their resilience against blistering per ASTM D714, corrosion per ASTM
D610-08, and scribe per ASTM D1654-08 according to DIN EN ISO 2409.

Additionally, ASTM D3170 Gravelometer test showed absolutely no loss of
adhesion or chipping. The ASTM B117-09 salt spray test according to DIN EN ISO
9227 produced no corrosion even after 2,000 hours.

nsd tupH drives can be used in demanding atmospheres much beyond the
usual service life of paint-coated systems. Since no coating is applied and
only the surface is hardened, contamination of products or process media is
avoided, which is not possible with chipping paint.

Key benefits of NORD’s nsd tupH drives include higher resilience and
prolonged service life significantly reducing maintenance requirements placed
on customers; treatment ensuring high process safety by preventing
contamination; and corrosion resistance not compromised by heavy impacts or

nsd tupH is approved for food applications according to FDA Title 21 CFR
175.300 with treated systems resisting cleaning agents in the pH2 to pH12

nsd tupH is available for all aluminium-enclosed drives from NORD
including four gearbox families, smooth-surface motors, and distributed drive
electronics units.

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