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NORD exhibits tailor-made motors for diverse applications at Hannover Messe

NORD Drivesystems showcased a broad range of motors in various
configurations at the Hannover Messe 2015 exhibition. By presenting tailor-made
motors to suit any requirement, NORD demonstrated its extensive know-how in
application-specific motor manufacturing for industrial use and beyond.

NORD showcased the cutaway model of an IE2 motor to demonstrate
constructive options and possible features for low-temperature environments
down to -40°C. Options included an encapsulated motor terminal box, a standstill
heater, and increased protection for bearings, windings, stator, and rotor.

A NORDBLOC.1 helical geared motor was exhibited to demonstrate ‘increased
safety’ (Ex e) explosion protection. Significantly lighter in design, the motor
costs up to 40% less than alternative drives with ‘flame-proof encapsulation’
(Ex de).

NORD also exhibited industry-specific accessories including an IE2 motor
equipped with a protective cover and a special textile fan cowl preventing the
build-up of fibres.

Specialising in a wide range of solutions for the manufacturing and
process industries, NORD has also been configuring drives for non-industrial applications
for many years, building up extensive expertise in this segment. These include theatre
motors with options for double brakes to implement full redundancy in line with
high safety standards. Brakes are also available with manual release to enable
full control with no need to dismantle the unit during power failures.

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