Non radioactive ultrasonic sensor measuring suspended solids density

Chemtrack presents a new range
of sensors designed to use non-radioactive ultrasound technology to measure and
monitor the density of suspended solids in various applications.

Chemtrack’s suspended solids
density meter measures and monitors the density of mix tank inflow, process
slurries, silt in raw water, and backwash/wastewater sludge in tanks, pipes,
re-circulation loops and clarifiers, and automates sludge removal.

The sensor assists operators with
the adjustment of fluid, particulate or chemical amounts for preferred
concentrations, enabling them to program underflow pumps to automatically shut
off before biosolids become too thin. The sensor also helps them determine polymer
dosages for improved filter press/ centrifuge/ digester performance. Changes in
density will additionally alert the operator to breaks in filtration material.

Chemtrack’s new sensor is non-intrusive in
design, and simple to install, calibrate and clean.

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