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NMW will have ‘vision’

Adept Electronic Solutions will demonstrate new versions of their automated vision inspection and imaging products during National Manufacturing Week 2008.

Headlining the display will be live demonstrations of Dalsa’s newest Vision Appliances equipment for factory-automated inspections. The equipment, designed to be versatile and easy-to-use, provides quick user setup, factory-friendly wiring and supports multiple cameras with a choice of sensor resolution.

Vision Appliances incorporate the “smarts” inside the camera controller, rather than the camera head, which allows them to be easily interfaced with other automation controllers, while the small camera heads lend themselves to easy mounting and robotic applications.

The multiple camera capability of the products also provides significant cost savings in multi-camera applications.

Experienced engineers from Adept Electronics will be on hand to discuss applications, lighting and optics.

Products being demonstrated will include:

• VA61 Vision Appliance, featuring GigE cameras and offering 100 m cable lengths and high resolution at high speed.

• Ease of use Dalsa iNspect software on a VA41 Vision Appliance, giving simultaneous, high-speed bottle label and bottle cap inspection

• Economical VA15 and VA21 for cost-sensitive applications

• Dalsa Sherlock vision software for powerful and sophisticated inspection applications

• Optronis CamRecord cameras for precision high-speed image capture; these cameras run at up to 200,000 frames per second, allowing the capture and storage of images for later analysis and are commonly used for mechanical fault-finding, ballistics testing, sporting events replay and sports analysis

• Xenics near, mid wave and long wave infrared cameras, both cooled and uncooled; suitable applications include predictive maintenance and inspection, thermography, research and development and industrial process monitoring.

National Manufacturing Week 2008 will take place at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, from May 27 to 30.

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