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NI’s Embedded Systems Outlook 2013 covers key technology trends

National Instruments has just released Embedded Systems Outlook 2013, which shares the company’s conclusions about the direction of the embedded systems market.

The outlook is intended to assist engineers and scientists in a wide variety of application areas, from energy and life sciences to industrial control and transportation, as they navigate the rapidly changing business and technology landscape.

Embedded Systems Outlook 2013 discusses the following trends:

  • Reconfigurable Heterogeneous Architectures: When faster CPU cores fall short, embedded system designers are combining heterogeneous processing elements to meet application needs.
  • The Digital Energy Revolution: Digital technologies are changing the way we manipulate, move, control and store energy.
  • Democratisation of Embedded System Design: Many design teams are abandoning larger specialised teams for smaller groups focused on translating domain expertise into realised innovation.
  • Total Economic Profitability: More companies are adopting a comprehensive approach that considers not only cost benefit analysis but also factors like flexibility and risk.
  • Embedded Vision: Technology originally used in high-volume consumer devices is powering a new generation of intelligent embedded systems.

 “NI has years of experience in the embedded systems market, and the success of our company has hinged on our ability to identify and take advantage of emerging technology trends,” said Jamie Smith, director of embedded systems marketing at National Instruments. “Because we work with organizations in so many different sectors, we’ve managed to stay at the forefront of innovation in a rapidly changing industry.”

Embedded Systems Outlook 2013 is available to download free (registration required).

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