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NI releases rugged compact vision system for USB3 vision cameras

National Instruments Aust & NZ announces a new rugged vision system featuring
a quad-core Intel Atom processor and two dedicated USB 3.0 ports for USB3 vision

A compact solution for high-speed vision applications, the new NI
CVS-1459RT is programmed with LabVIEW system design software or Vision
Builder for Automated Inspection (AI). Engineers have the option of using LabVIEW
FPGA to further customise the FPGA-enabled I/O and tightly synchronise
vision inspection results with other parts of industrial systems, such as
encoders and proximity sensors.

According to Robert Eastlund, vice president of sales for Graftek
Imaging Inc, the NI Compact Vision System delivers the assurance of reliability
and uptime, enabling users to leverage the easy connectivity and high
throughput of USB3 while taking advantage of new features for high-performance
processing and HMI integration.

The NI CVS-1459RT enables high-resolution, high-speed industrial vision
solutions. The compact vision system is based on the LabVIEW
reconfigurable I/O (RIO) architecture, an integral part of the NI graphical
system design platform. Representing a modern approach to designing,
prototyping and deploying embedded monitoring and control systems, the graphical
system design platform combines the open LabVIEW programming environment with
commercial off-the-shelf hardware to dramatically simplify development so
engineers can integrate powerful vision tools, I/O, industrial communication,
data logging and human machine interfaces (HMIs) into a single environment.

Key benefits of NI CVS-1459RT vision systems include rugged form
factor ideal for industrial applications up to 55°C; synchronisation with
automation devices for camera and lighting triggered via onboard
industrial I/O; high-bandwidth camera interface with dual USB 3.0 ports
for compatibility with the latest low-cost USB3 vision cameras; ability to use
ports with peripherals such as external storage for logging data; processing
power with quad-core Intel Atom processor and 64-bit NI Linux
Real-Time OS; and board-level versions available for OEM applications.

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