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NI paints Austin green

Wearing a green polo shirt, Dr. James Truchard, National Instruments president, CEO, and cofounder, opened NIWeek 2008 in Austin, Texas, by congratulating attendees on their accomplishments using graphical system design and emphasising the company’s commitment to green engineering.

It is engineers and scientists, he said, who are taking large quantities of measurements — into the petabyte range — to identify and solve environmental problems and make our planet a better place to live. He discussed how these engineers and scientists are using NI products to improve the efficiency of diesel engines, create renewable energy sources, reduce the downtime of industrial machines, and more. “National Instruments provides the tools to help engineers turn measurements into better designs,” Truchard said.

Following Truchard, NI Senior Vice President of R&D Tim Dehne and NI R&D engineers showed off the latest innovations in graphical system design. These new products offer improved measurement capability to handle sophisticated test and measurement applications and a wider variety of deployment options for industrial and embedded applications. Additionally, Dehne demonstrated improved capabilities in NI LabVIEW software that deliver higher performance, ease of use, and advanced control for rapid prototyping and deployment.

PACE will feature extensive coverage of NIWeek 2008 in the September and October issues.

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