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NHP’s Smart Safety enables smarter machines and equipment

Being the market leader in machine safety solutions, NHP delivers a Smart Safety system. The Smart Safety solution improves access to real-time data including diagnostic information, enabling end users to gain efficiencies, minimise downtime, improve product quality and make operations more responsive.

With the broadest range of Rockwell Automation safety products, NHP promises seamless integration by bringing these together to provide a complete Smart Safety solution to meet safety requirements.

Smart Safety systems are less susceptible to unplanned shutdowns and can help to improve productivity and profitability. Connecting people, equipment and worksites creates opportunities to enhance worker and environmental safety, including remote access, operations visibility, worker locating and information delivery via mobile devices.

NHP and Rockwell Automation’s Smart Safety solution enables better visibility into safety-system performance and stoppages, transforming the way you monitor and manage safety.

Future proof your system with NHP’s scalable safety solutions
When it comes to protecting your personnel, equipment and productivity, ensuring you implement the right safety components for your operations is paramount. With this at front of mind, NHP delivers a scalable safety solution, with the Rockwell Automation safety controllers.

The GuardLogix® 5580 safety controller integrates high performance standard and safety control in the same controller and is programmed using the Studio 5000® design environment.

Based on the high performance ControlLogix 5580, the GuardLogix 5580 safety controller offers approximately 5 times scan time improvement in the safety task and up to 20 times improvement in the standard task. Improve productivity with reduced downtime by keeping the machine running safely with integrated network-based drive safety functions. Solve your SIL2/PLd or SIL3/PLe fail-safe applications with the GuardLogix 5580 safety controller.

The Allen Bradley Compact GuardLogix 5380 is a scalable controller which uses increased processing power of up to 20 times more from the previous generation, achieving faster reaction times and shorter safe distances. This controller currently offers SIL2/PLd and a SIL3/PLe version will be available in the future. With the new Compact 5000TM Safety I/O coming soon, users can now have local in-rack safety I/O on the Compact GuardLogix 5380 as well. This can help create smaller machines, save valuable floor space and increase operator efficiencies. The new Compact 5000TM Safety I/O can also be used as distributed I/O on an Ethernet/IP network. Thus adding to our scalable safety offering.

Embedded gigabit Ethernet on the GuardLogix 5580 and Compact GuardLogix 5380 controllers provide greater communications capacity to support the growing number of smart devices. This can help you meet data-intensive smart-manufacturing goals without adding extra hardware. It also can help future proof machines for end users that may someday need to collect and share more data. Both controllers deliver scalable, high-performance options in standard and conformally coated format.

We understand your factory floor challenges and can help you meet your goals by improving your safety practices with products that incorporate advanced safety functionalities forming an overall safe solution.

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