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NHP to distribute intrinsic safe isolators by GM International

NHP Electrical Engineering Products has partnered with Italian
manufacturer, GM International to exclusively distribute their intrinsic safe
isolators in Australia and New Zealand. GM International’s intrinsic safe
isolators support field devices in hazardous areas.

Typically used between PLC or DCS systems and field devices in hazardous
area applications, intrinsic safe isolators prevent electrical circuits with low
power requirements such as instrumentation, sensors and limit switches from carrying
enough energy to create a spark sufficient to ignite an explosive environment.

Available exclusively from NHP, the GM offering includes a wide range of
intrinsic safe isolators to suit 4-20mA analogue devices, digital devices with
up to 8 channels per isolator, and speciality isolators for communications
wiring, load cells, temperature measurement devices and more.

Qualified hazardous area experts from NHP’s technology specialist group will
assist customers with their application requirements. 

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