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NHP now distributing Schaffner power quality solutions

NHP Electrical Engineering Products Pty Ltd (NHP) has nabbed sole distribution rights to the Schaffner range of power quality products for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Schaffner is an international player in the electromagnetic compatibility and power quality markets, including harmonic mitigation solutions.

According to NHP, the Schaffner brand is “synonymous with energy efficiency and reliability.” The Schaffner power quality product portfolio is designed to provide a compact, fast and flexible solution for improved power quality.

Schaffner power quality equipment is categorised into the following groups: ECOsine active harmonic filters; ECOsine passive harmonic filters; line filters and reactors; and output filters and load reactors including sine wave and dv/dt filters.

Schaffner power quality products can be used by plants in most industrial areas to mitigate harmonics and/or protect motors and drives.

The brand offers harmonic filtering solutions that assist industrial professionals to comply to set limits and standards and avoid costly problems and hazards associated with high levels of harmonics including equipment failure and associated production downtimes.

Schaffner products also actively reducing peak energy demand and reduce electrical usage costs in the form of tariffs.

Key industry applications include water and waste water treatment plants, the pulp and paper industry, mining, food and beverage processes and petrochemical industries.

NHP’s complete power quality offering now includes both the Schaffner range of power quality equipment, and other customer specific solutions. NHP sales and application engineering teams can provide custom-built solutions for individual customer requirements.

The Schaffner power quality range will complement NHP’s existing product portfolio and will be supported by its local distribution network and technical expertise.

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