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NHP broadens switchgear and automation footprint with new medium voltage products

NHP Electrical Engineering Products introduces a complete range of medium voltage products and solutions designed for reliability, longevity and the Australasian industry climate. The new range complements their current low voltage industrial switchgear and automation offering.

NHP’s medium voltage products range from quality medium voltage switchgear to long-lasting transformers and market-leading automated substation solutions, all of which can be customised to suit specific design performance criteria.

NHP’s medium voltage products are supplied by Alstom, SGC and Trafo Elettro.


NHP has partnered with Alstom to offer market-leading protection relays and automated substation solutions. Alstom Grid’s substation solutions technology in conjunction with NHP’s local presence and integration capability will offer best of class service and solutions to customers across the Pacific region.

NHP and Alstom combine their extensive industry experience and expertise to provide customers with a seamless network of support, logistics and innovative solutions for protection products, substation control systems and new technology.

SGC (SwitchGear Company)

A world class provider of state-of-the-art and reliable components and systems for medium voltage electrical distribution, SGC specialises in medium voltage switchgear designed for ease of use, safety and superior quality. The NHP range of SGC products will include air insulated switchgear, gas insulated switchgear, ring main units and withdrawable switchgear.

Trafo Elettro

A tried and proven manufacturer of quality cast resin and oil based transformers ideal for medium voltage applications, Trafo Elettro supplies custom made transformers to customer specifications.

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