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Next Generation Motherboards

Crystal Group has announced the availability of Supermico’s new generation X10 server boards for its expansive line of rugged and industrial servers.

This new offering comes as part of Crystal Group's continued commitment to its customers, by providing process and technology to help solve tough computer challenges. By incorporating the latest motherboard technology this allows customers the opportunity to collect, store and process more data than ever before. 

The Supermico new generation X10 operate in the harshest of conditions, such as oil & gas or military settings.

The purpose built server lines use leading edge architecture which follows the embedded Intel platform roadmap of silicon driven technology for use in industrial and military applications.  This technology brings the latest in performance, efficiency, security and scalability to the rugged industry.

Crystal Group’s integration of Supermico’s new generation X10 Haswell DP and UP Server boards offer up to 1 TB 2133MHz DDR4 memory in 16 DIMMs, 7 PCI-E slots, SATA 3.0/NVMe, hot-swap HDD/SSD support, USB 3.0, 10GBase-T networking options, SATA Disk-on-Module (DOM), and IPMI 2.0 plus KVM with dedicated LAN. The Supermicro New Generation X10 Haswell DP and UP Server boards support the Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v3 product family. Server boards are offered in proprietary form factors for custom developed chassis, as well as standard form factors such as ATX and Extended ATX.

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