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Next generation mix proof valve series

SPX Flow has launched of a new range of mix proof hygienic valves. This next generation “D4 Series” is the result of continued development from both APV and Waukesha Cherry-Burrell process technologies. Used for the reliable separation of dissimilar products, the D4 Series helps fulfil today’s customer demands for production flexibility, maximized productivity, rapid return on investment, and reduced product and personnel risk across the food and beverage, dairy, personal care and brewing process industries.

“The D4 series offers exceptional performance value and encompasses a wide range of models and “all inclusive” standard features to meet our customer’s different processing needs for cleanability, efficiency, and reliability. Based on over 60 years of experience in valve design and manufacturing, the next generation D4 series allows extensive cleaning of product contact surfaces and helps to reduce operational cost overheads by minimising CIP losse,” according to Chris Sinutko, global product manager – hygienic valves, food and beverage for SPX Flow.

Engineered for reliability, all D4 valves are fully balanced for dependable operation against pressure spikes and flow in any direction. The assurance of genuine automated processing is enhanced with the option of a unique, state-of-the-art control unit with integrated seat lift detection and no external sensors. Maintenance is optimized as no compressed air or lifting tools are required for removal and service. These downward-opening valves, for example, facilitate easy handling, and based on our testing of similar valves on the market, weigh on average 40 percent less. Use of the D4 Series further optimizes inventory investment as the same seal kit is used across multiple valve sizes.

The complete D4 range includes the primary, price-competitive D4 model, which meets the basic needs for reliable product separation and seat lift (SL) or non-seat lift (NSL) cleanability, and the DA4 ultra-hygienic model for critical applications requiring enhanced cleanability of all product contact surfaces.  For those applications where the current generation DA3+ housing is reliably in place, the DA4 can easily be inserted and provide a very efficient and cost-effective upgrade, future-proofing existing installations with minimal disruption and risk.

The D4 Series is a truly international valve, with models being produced by SPX Flow in the United States and Europe. By manufacturing in multiple locations equipped with advanced machinery and highly skilled operational teams, the D4 series is positioned to provide a high quality solution with exceptional, market-leading delivery times.

SPX Flow’s newest manufacturing campus located in Bydgoszcz, Poland has proven its capability to consistently meet or exceed customer expectations. The advanced engineering proficiency at the plant further means SPX Flow can provide the design and manufacture of complete valve manifolds to the meet specific customer needs.

As with all SPX Flow solutions, the D4 series is supported by a comprehensive range of aftermarket services. We have highly-skilled field engineers spread out all over the globe and hold high inventory levels of our commonly used parts in strategically located distribution centres. This sophisticated support network enables our most commonly used components to be delivered in as little as 24 hours to most European locations. SPX Flow is a global company with facilities, sales and service partners located throughout the world, giving customers peace of mind that they have quick local access to the support they need to keep operations running smoothly.

Overall, the new D4 series of mix proof valves offers customers exceptional performance, assured reliable processing, excellent cleanability and minimized CIP fluid losses at a highly competitive price point. By using process knowledge and experience of previous valve ranges, the new D4 offers an exciting combination of proven technology and innovative features, supported by a proven network of parts inventory and engineering services globally.

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