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Newly-developed camera could change medical and industrial processes

Using 3D printing, German engineers have developed a micro-camera that could change the future of both medical testing and industrial processes.

The camera has three lenses (with a 100 micrometre compound lens) and has been fit onto the end of an optical fibre about the width of two hairs.

According to the engineers, the camera could be used in minimally-intrusive endoscopies to explore the human body, in virtually invisible security monitors, or even in mini-robots with “autonomous vision”.

The camera can focus on images from a distance of 3.0mm, and relay them over the length of the 1.7 metre optical fibre which it is attached to.

Furthermore, it can fit comfortably inside a standard syringe needle, which would allow easy delivery into human organs. The engineers have also noted the camera’s potential use for examining small objects in the industrial sector.

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