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New Zealand eager to invest in robotics and automation


40 per cent of New Zealand businesses have expressed interest in investing in robotic processes and automation within the next 12 months, according to research by Alleasing New Zealand. In Australia, this statistic is 36.7 per cent.

Businesses across New Zealand have indicated they want to learn more about the benefits of drone technology, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, product assembly and services automation, as seen in Alleasing’s latest Equipment Demand Index.

One quarter of businesses surveyed said they would consider investing in product assembly and service automation. This emerged as a key investment priority for New Zealand businesses, as well as big data and AI (21.9 per cent and 10.8 per cent respectively).

Alleasing chief executive officer, Daniel Blizzard, said the early interest in automation and digital integration will give New Zealand businesses a future advantage over their Australian neighbours.

“The Index data shows New Zealand firms have a clear appetite for learning more about the next wave of digitisation and automation, and indeed making the decision to invest in it,” said Blizzard.

“Although corporate adoption of these technologies is still in its infancy in New Zealand, the Index data is very promising and suggests firms are already thinking of the major cost, productivity and control benefits on offer.”

New Zealand businesses are also suggesting they want more from the New Zealand government in terms of finding ways to encourage investment and improve productivity, said Blizzard.

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