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New wiring enclosure gives more space

The BIG series by ILME introduce a significant change in the design of hoods and has been specifically designed to meet the diverse requirements of the wiring market.

The new enclosures integrate the existing range and are ideal for installations with structured and complex wiring.

The large dimensions of these innovative enclosures have been chosen to offer customers an adequate space to store conductors.

The width of the new BIG enclosures is greater compared to those of previous versions and the cable compartment is now fully accessible during assembly (the connector insert is fully inserted in the lower half of the enclosure).

Offering three times the space compared to standard enclosures. This means it is possible to bend cables and pipes with greater bending radiuses.

Due to this special feature, the new BIG enclosures are particularly suitable for MIXO modular inserts, being versatile and customisable for multiple cable entries.

Each insert is used to manage power and signal electrical connections, pneumatic, fibre optic or Ethernet connections and has a dedicated entry meaning it is now possible to use one BIG connector enclosure for installations that previously required two.

The possibility of splitting the enclosure in two halves simplifies the installation of the insert.

It is also possible to connect the insert with a cable and later insert it in the lower half of the enclosure (except for the 6 poles version).

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