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Wireless and battery-less limit switch

The new OsiSense XCKW range from Telemecanique Sensors brings easy connectivity to machine configurations where cabling is difficult, expensive, or unwanted.

This range of wireless, battery-less limit switches is designed to serve a vast number of industries, from hoisting, elevators and escalators to mills, foundries, process machinery, and handling and packaging.

The switches simplify machine connectivity because they require no cables or contacts, which reduces maintenance costs as well as the cost of the system itself. They are also easy to install as they come in a plug-and-play kit, meaning only electro-mechanical skills are needed for installation. Furthermore, it is simple to replace an earlier-generation limit switch because the OsiSense XCKW is compatible with XCKS and XCKM switches.

The new limit switch range is offered in out-of-the-box compatible packs including a limit switch and a receiver.

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