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New welding filtration system offers IoT compatibility

The manufacturer of industrial welding exhaust systems, Kemper, has launched a new filtration system that offers digitalisation through an IoT-compatible control module.

Kemper’s WeldFil series replaces the company’s previous central 8000 and 9000 extraction systems. The new system is both internet compatible and provides further optimisation with regards to expenditure of energy, maintenance needs and design, said Björn Kemper, the company’s managing director.

“By launching the WeldFil series, we have set a new benchmark regarding efficiency and digital revolution for central extraction and filtration systems” Kemper said.

The WeldFil series can be divided into the smaller plug and play version WeldFil Compact as well as WeldFil for larger installations. A new construction enables simple access to important components such as the fan, the filter cartridges or the compressed-air maintenance unit. This results in a reduction of maintenance costs for the system operator.

According to Kemper, the newly configured combination of motor and fan allows the system constructor to reduce the motor power in some cases up to 40 percent, from 37 down to 22 kW.

WeldFil series is considered by Kemper to be a Industry 4.0 design, with its sensor technology and a cloud-based Internet-compatible control module. Important information such as differential pressure, temperature or residual dust monitoring are retrievable over the Internet.

“In this way, we make automated, rule-based processes possible for central extraction systems,” Kemper said. “Predictive maintenance becomes reality for extraction technology.”

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