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New way to measure position and thickness

The confocalDT 2406-10 with 10mm measuring range stands out due to its compact design and high precision. As well as distance measurements on reflecting or transparent surfaces, the sensor can also be applied in one-sided thickness measurement of transparent film, plates or layers. 

Due to its axial and radial measuring directions, the IFS2406-2, 5mm sensors are suitable for vacuum applications and extremely versatile in terms of its use.

The new IFS2406-10 opened a new field of applications. With a larger measuring range one-side thickness measurements or higher offset distances are possible. 

Features include:
•    Measuring range 10mm 
•    Start of measuring range approx. 27mm 
•    Spot diameter 15µm 
•    Linearity (displacement measurement) 2.5µm ≤± 0.025 % FSO 
•    Linearity (thickness measurement) 5µm ±0.05 % FSO 
•    Resolution  1) 60nm Weight (without cable) 128g Max. tilt 2) ±13.5° Protection class IP 65 
•    Operation temperature +5°C … +70°C 
•    Storage temperature -20°C … +70°C 
•    Sensor cable (fibre optic cable) length: standard 3m; option up to 50m; bending radius: static 30mm; dynamic 40mm 
•    Shock 15g, 6ms 
•    Vibration 2g / 10Hz … 500Hz 

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