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New transducer system with real-time Ethernet and EUROMAP

With the Micropulse BTL6 Profile PF transducer with VARAN real-time Ethernet (BTL6-V55V EUROMAP 75-1) Balluff has launched a solution for plastics and rubber machines. 

Micropulse Profile PF linear transducers operate without contact, provide an absolute output signal, and can detect the precise position of one or two axes. 

Thanks to the rugged IP67 full aluminum housing, no additional protection measures are necessary.

The new linear displacement system with VARAN real-time Ethernet interface tolerates a lateral offset and vertical offset between the sensor system and moving magnet of up to 15 mm, simplifying integration and installation. 

Since it can detect two motions at the same time, the functions "Close/open mold" and "Eject part" can be monitored for example on plastic injection molding machines in parallel. 

This represents significant advantages from both a technical and economic point of view.

The new transducer system uses EUROMAP 75-1 as the basis for an open communication standard of rubber and plastics machinery manufacturers. It is therefore the ideal choice when you are looking to improve machine design and increase equipment efficiency.

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