New thermal indicators to ensure cold shipment integrity

Many types of goods including food, pharmaceuticals, and chemical reagents must be kept cold while in storage and transit.

So, if you ship your goods on ice or under refrigeration, you need to be certain that those cold temperatures were maintained. Traditionally this has been done with the use of electronic data loggers. However data loggers are not cost effective or practical for many applications.

Now, there is CryoMark from NiGK, Japan. CryoMark is a disposable chemical indicator which can be included in every cold shipment. If temperatures have been exceeded, then these indicators will change colour to red. This allows the receiver to confirm that the goods have arrived in good condition, without the need to send back a data logger to the shipper for download and analysis.

CryoMarks are easy to use; simply activate and place inside the packaging next to the goods. There are different CryoMarks for different temperature cutoffs, so whether your goods are frozen or just refrigerated, there will be a CryoMark to suit your needs.

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