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New technology portal for undiscovered inventors and innovators worldwide is a new information portal spotlighting fresh technology and innovations from around the world. The website is the creation of Isaac Daniel, the inventor of the first GPS embedded shoe.

The intent of the site is to create awareness of innovations in technology; and how they are applied to all aspects of everyday life, as many people are unaware of the technology behind the products or services they use on a daily basis.

The Isaac Daniel Report will provide a unique point of view that uncovers the mystery of the technology behind business, commodities and culture.

The Isaac Daniel Report will also seek out forward trends and report on the future of technology and innovations.

As an inventor and the holder of over 200 patents and patents-pending, Daniel is aware of the hurdles and challenges of bringing great ideas to market. His goal is to improve the process for other innovators who are just getting started by providing a platform to bring public awareness to their inventions and ideas.

The Isaac Daniel Report has just announced the first annual Innovator of the Year Award for the most innovative new idea or product in technology for 2012.

Fans of technology, inventors and innovators are encouraged to submit their reports using the free downloadable "syncast" apps available on the site, or upload their information to the "What’s Your Report?" section of the site for consideration for the award. Additional details will be posted on the website.

"The goal of The Isaac Daniel Report is to leverage social media to uncover and promote new ideas from around the world, that would otherwise be underreported or go unnoticed by most of the population," says Chuck Kowalski, Senior Director of Business Strategy at, and a contributing expert at The Isaac Daniel Report.

The Isaac Daniel Report is supported by reports from, as well as member "syncasts" from JustSync & CSJ Syncast apps (products of Syncast Technology), all operated by Isaac Daniel.

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