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New tech to enable driverless car manufacturers

Global data company Elsight has received its first order from the autonomous car manufacturing industry, claiming its new technology will change the way engineers service driverless cars.

Based in Tel Aviv, the company is an active participant in the Israeli government autonomous car project, according to a statement of the ASX, which says that its new Elsight Inside solution will enable manufacturers to manage unmanned vehicles remotely and in real-time for the first time.

It is estimated that each autonomous vehicle will create 4,000 gigabytes of visual information on a typical day’s driving and, until now, is collected and stored by an onboard hard drive.

Periodically, the storage disc is manually removed and downloaded by engineers and programmers for further analysis.

The technology aims to enable an “always-on” reporting capability while also preventing hacking and vehicle takeover.

“This is only our first strategic step towards a major entry into the autonomous car market,” said Elsight CEO Nir Gabay.

“This order comes to lock in an extensive first phase of testing with the multichannel, which, upon its success, has the potential of becoming standard equipment in their entire fleet of autonomous vehicles being tested worldwide.

“This development presents us with a chance to build a leading presence in this market once manufacturers use and validate our system during the current testing and development stage, as it guarantees continuous, secure connectivity, ensuring complete passenger safety.”

Elsight’s platform was originally designed to support Special Forces in combat situations. Its customers range from defence to industrial security and healthcare.

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