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New solar gate released

The Magellan Solar Gate Zero Export control device works to control or prevent export of solar power to the grid.

In a typical application, the Solar Gate determines the power requirement of the local load and adjusts the solar power (through controlling the PV inverters) so that only a preset amount or zero amount of power is injected into the grid, ensuring that most or all of the power is available for the local load.

The Solar Gate is a rugged, easy to use, flexible, low cost solution to decoupling the constraints of PV generation and the grid.

Managing Director Masoud Abshar said this is another triumph for Australian innovation.

“We are proud to be leading the way in this aspect of renewable energy and it’s good to be an Australian manufacturer who is competing with the best in the world.”

According to the company, the Solar Gate is compatible with:

· SMA Tripower

· ABB Aurora Trio

· Ginlong Solis

· Samil Power Solar River / Solar Lake

· Magellan Energy Storage Systems

· Delta RPI

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