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New German screw jack range

Pfaff Germany has introduced five (5) new screw jacks; standard screw jacks SHE, High performance jacks HSE, quick lifting screw jacks SHG, special lifting elements SSP, and the standard cubic Merkur jack.

All are offered in travelling nut or travelling screw versions with a wide range of options available, including full stainless.

Other optional extras include bellows and spiral spring covers, anti-rotation features, couplings and connecting shafts, hand wheels, temperature sensors, lubrication systems, shaft encoders, rotary limit switches, and a wide range of motors including servo.

For extra accuracy, MT can also supply with a wide range of custom ballscrews, including integrated safety nuts if needed.

Turnkey solutions are also available with electrical control cabinets to suit the application. These are made in-house. Multi-jack systems are a speciality.

Sizes range from 2.5 to 2000KN lifting capacity.

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