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New safety relays for smaller tasks

With the new safety relays from Leuze electronic, many smaller safety tasks can be solved.

From the monitoring of simple components, such as E-STOP or safety switches, to the integration of optoelectronic sensors or standstill monitoring of motors: with the 22.5 mm housings, the relays have a compact design and can be installed in the switch cabinet in a space-saving manner.

Modules with adjustable time delay and contact extensions round out the new range.

With the new safe controls of the MSI 400 product family, offering both 24 inputs/outputs as well as an integrated industrial Ethernet protocol such as Profibus and Ethernet IP in a compact design of just 45mm.

The safety controls are suitable both for the safe monitoring of simple safety functions as well as for performing more complex safety tasks.

In addition, the controls can be flexibly expanded up to 116 safe inputs and 56 safe outputs.

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