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New range of motors meet key industry challenges

The HP (High Performance) range from Lafert is a generation of PM (Permanent Magnet) synchronous motors, achieving IE4 and IE5 Super Premium Efficiency level. These uniquely engineered products combine the electrical design of brushless servomotors with the mechanical design of AC induction motors.

The result is a compact motor primarily targeted toward HVAC applications in fans, compressors, portable equipment and blowers, where there is emphasis on reducing the operating cost and weight/size of the motors.

With higher efficiencies than standard AC induction motors, they also enhance the power/weight ratio, thereby allowing for significant size and weight reductions of up to 50 per cent.

Lafert offers a complete range from 0.37 kW to 30 kW, supplied as stand-alone motors to be controlled by a separate drive or as motor/drive integrated units, specifically designed for their energy saving potential.

The manufacturer placed great emphasis on materials research. This has resulted in reduced dependency on rare earth magnets, allowing the use of more readily available permanent magnets, which ensures price and supply stability into the future. Following this development work, Lafert has introduced a second generation of PM synchronous motors, named HPF. They achieved IE4 super premium efficiency level, with more stable and reduced production costs, without applying rare earth magnets.
The HP motors can also be customised to suit any special requirements.

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