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New push-in device needs no tools for connection

Electrical engineering manufacturer Phoenix Contact is offering a new range of products that feature push-in connection technology with the release of its M12 connector.

The M12 connector is said to simplify the connection process. The new product is said to complement the existing M12 connector portfolio, which includes Quickon, Crimp, Screw and Piercecon connection technology.

Designed for easy assembly whether on-site or out in the field, the new Push-in M12 connector is an suitable connection technology for the transmission of data, signals and power.

The direct plug-in capability of the new Push-in M12 connector means installation can occur quickly and efficiently. Whether working with solid conductors or conductors with ferrules, the Push-in M12 connector lets technicians connect directly to the terminal point, making the process simple.

In addition, the new device does not require the use of tools. The technician lifts the coloured lever on the terminal point to connect or release the corresponding colour-coded conductor.

As no soldering is required to connect conductors to the device, the opportunity to damage the connector or for human error to occur is  reduced.

Shock and vibration resistant, the Push-in M12 connector features a spring-cage connection to secure the conductor to the M12 even under harsh conditions. Plus, the SPEEDCON fast locking system provides maximum contact reliability.




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