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New purchase order for Lockheed Martin announced by Quickstep

Quickstep has announced a new purchase order from Lockheed Martin for wing flaps
manufactured for the C-130J Super Hercules.

Bankstown, NSW-based composites technology company announced that deliveries of
the 19 wing flap sets – which are part of a $75 million memorandum of agreement
signed in December last year – are expected to begin in mid-2015.

Seven sets have been delivered to Lockheed since February 2014, with deliveries expected
to ramp up to three per month in the second half next year.

Most of the company’s work is for Lockheed and the Joint Strike Fighter, though it
has also has a contract on its Quickstep Process with OPRE Technologiya and
ambitions to commercialise its resin spray transfer technology for automotive.

“The continuing contract
flow attests to our positive working relationship with Lockheed Martin and demonstrates
our strong progress on this important aerospace contract,” said
executive director Philippe Odouard.

Each C-130J ship set includes four wing flaps.
Each flap includes more than 200 individual parts including carbon ribs,spars
and skins. 

Image: Wikipedia

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