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New programmable controllers

The new Italsensor programmable controllers TISP58 and TISPW58 are incremental encoders that are user programmable up to 65536 PPR. 

The counting direction, zero pulse and output voltage can be set by the user and the software is free of charge.

The TISP58 has a solid shaft with a flange square flange, servo standard, servo-clip and FRE (REO444). The shaft diameter can be 6, 8, 9.52, 10, 11 or 11Rmm with a body diameter of 58mm.

The TISPW58 has a hollow shaft and it can be assembled mechanically with an anti-rotational spring. It has a blind shaft diameter of 6, 8, 9.52, 10, 11, 12, 12.7, 14 or 15mm with a body diameter of 58mm.

Both of the Italsensor products present many benefits to the customer. The encoders offer a cost reduction for downtime as well as a leads time reduction. They are perfect for when one single encoder’s model requires a different application, as the one mechanical setup can contain different resolutions. 

There is also no need for any special expensive programming tools, just a programming cable is needed to power and program the encoders directly through the USB port of the laptop or computer.

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