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New PlanarDLA features direct drive for high speed and accurate positioning

Aerotech has introduced a series of integrated open-frame stages with precise geometric performance and micrometer-level straightness.

The new PlanarDLA stages include high precision roller bearings, precision machined surfaces and non-contact linear motors that drive through the axes’ center of stiffness. 

These features result in straightness to ±0.5µm and flatness to ±1.25µm. 

The low-profile stages are designed for a wide range of applications from highly dynamic two-sided LED wafer processing to quasi-static optical metrology. There are nine models in the series to accommodate customer requirements for travel and accuracy.

The PlanarDLA enables high-throughput, high-accuracy processing with 2 m/s velocities and 2 g accelerations, resulting in superior process yield and a low total cost of ownership. It achieves high servo bandwidths while maximizing the clear aperture available and keeping the overall height to a minimum.

Aerotech’s proprietary direct-drive technology offers high speed and accurate positioning coupled with maintenance-free operation and long service life. The stages are available with one or two motors per axis allowing optimization of each axis for the specific application and process. 

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