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New operations and alarm management technology

Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) has introduced its new DynAMo Alarm and Operations Management software to help process industries better manage operations and alarms.

By combining Honeywell’s award-winning alarm management software with its operations management software, DynAMo now delivers operations integrity through better plant safety, availability and compliance. The new solution provides a single unified platform and user experience for all operations integrity functions. It is also a scalable offering that allows customers to start with simple Alarm Management or Operator Logbook and adding other functions over time to enable a fully integrated Operations Integrity solution.

DynAMo is one of HPS’ many technologies that are ready to be integrated as part of Honeywell’s industrial Internet of things (IIoT). 

DynAMo is vendor neutral, working with any vendor’s control system in addition to Honeywell’s Experion distributed control system (DCS) platform.

DynAMo Alarm and Operations Management was developed from Honeywell’s deep experience supplying the world’s largest installed base for operations management. It is a comprehensive set of software enabling best-in-class operational management, with rigorous compliance to global standards for alarm management and integrity operating windows, including API 584, EEMUA 191, ISA 18.2 and IEC 62682.

Functions of the full solution include advanced alarm management metrics, master alarm databases, integral DCS operator alarm help, operations monitoring for integrity operating windows, limit repositories and smart electronic shift logs for secure shift handover processes – all seamlessly linked together to drive operational excellence. It also leads the industry in mobility, so getting the right information to the right people inside or outside of the control room has never been easier.

As a result, users have experienced increased throughput, reduced outages and safety incidents, plus improved equipment reliability, lower maintenance costs while drastically reducing operator errors and oversights at critical shift handovers

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