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New online resource helps small businesses manage emergencies

A new resources package to help small businesses deal with emergencies was launched today by the Federal government.

The Emergency management & recovery resources package was developed by the Australian Government’s small business website, in response to natural disasters in Australia over the past year.

Natural disasters like cyclones, floods and bushfires are part of the Australian landscape. Many businesses are just too busy with the demanding day-to-day task of running a small business to think about planning for unpredictable events. This package helps small businesses prepare for the worst, rather than hope for the best.

The package brings together the extensive range of government information in an easy-to-read format. The information is split into three important stages-prepare, take action and recover. Each stage includes a quick-action checklist.

The key feature of the package is a template with an instruction guide that businesses can use to create their own emergency management plan.

This will help businesses to plan for a range of emergency scenarios, to minimise risk and develop contingency plans.

Whether it’s a robbery or a natural disaster, businesses can take steps to safeguard their livelihood.

Pre-emptive actions could include backing up data, keep an up-to-date list of important contacts or maintaining accurate insurance claim records.

Download the Emergency management & recovery resources package.

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