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New multichannel mixed-signal Instruments

NI has announced today the release of a new family of PXI arbitrary waveform generators with up to two channels and 80 MHz of analog bandwidth in a single slot, and a new 100 MHz, 8-channel oscilloscope that builds on NI’s expertise in high-density and software-designed instruments in PXI.

Engineers can achieve high-performance signal generation and measure complex waveforms with these new low-cost, compact mixed-signal instruments in a modular form factor.

The new PXIe-5413, PXIe-5423, and PXIe-5433 arbitrary waveform generators deliver -92 dB of spurious-free dynamic range and 435/fs integrated system jitter while providing precise waveform adjustment when used with a dedicated standard waveform generation engine.

With a new fractional resampling architecture for arbitrary waveform generation, similar dynamic range and jitter performance is available independent of user sample rate.

Users also benefit from the high-speed waveform streaming capabilities and multiple-instrument synchronisation synonymous with PXI.

Key features of the PXIe-54×3 arbitrary waveform generators include:
• Up to two independently controlled output channels
• Maximum ±12 V and minimum ±7.75 mV output ranges
• Options for 20, 40 and 80 MHz in a single PXI slot

The new PXIe-5172 oscilloscope includes a user-programmable FPGA. Engineers can use LabVIEW to customise this oscilloscope’s firmware, such as adding in-line signal processing or advanced triggering.

Key features of the PXIe-5172 oscilloscope include:
• Highly flexible with 100 MHz, 250 MS/s and 8 channels
• Input voltage range of up to 80 V peak-to-peak with ±20 V DC offset
• Support for external sample and reference clocks

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