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New metal powder production method for 3D printing announced

Zecotek Photonics has
announced a new manufacturing technology for preparing metal powders for laser
sintering additive manufacturing. reports that Zecotek’s subsidiary – Zecotek Display Systems – had collaborated with
Greek-Armenian R&D company LT-PYRKAL and Armenia’s Institute of Chemical
Physics to develop a metal hydrides synthesis method for powder making.

“The development of a new
generation of hydrogen-containing materials, including those based on
refractory metals, nano-modified alloys and certain inter-metallides groups, is
key for additive 3D printing technologies,” said Zecotek Photonics’ chairman, Dr. A.F. Zerrouk, in a statement.

“Zecotek and its strategic
partners are leading the way in this very vast and rapidly changing market.”

Zecotek says that the new
method of metal powder preparation will offer increases in productivity and
safety for those using laser sintering.

“The quest for cheap and
available powders of refractory metals has been long and hard, and the 3D
industry will value our solution,” said Zerrouk.

The powder produced is compatible with Zecotek’s and other companies’ metal sintering machines, according to Zecotek.

To read Zecotek’s
statement, click here.


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