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New MATLAB courses boost programming skills

The MathWorks has added two new training courses to its Australian training program for 2009, in the form of MATLAB for Data Processing and Visualisation, MATLAB Programming Techniques.

MATLAB for Data Processing and Visualisation will be an intermediate-level course focussing on data management and visualisation techniques, from reading various formats of data files to producing customised publication-quality graphics. It will detail script creation beyond the basic features provided by the MATLAB language.

MATLAB Programming Techniques will deliver features in the MATLAB language to write code – concepts which form the foundation for writing full applications, developing algorithms, and extending product capabilities. The course will cover performance optimisation and tools for writing, debugging, and profiling code.

“The MathWorks delivered a very good course – everyone was satisfied with their achievement and the outcome over the two days. Even participants who already had Simulink experience greatly improved their capability and knowledge,” said Toyota Technical Centre Australia manager of software development, John Karayannis, who attended the course last year.

The MathWorks have increased the number of scheduled classes it will run this year to 84, due to high demand on the 54 scheduled classes in 2008, and courses span over a range of specialisations including control design, financial modelling and analysis, image processing, signal processing and communications, technical computing, and test and measurement.

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