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New materials for flat panel displays

Honeywell Materials has launched new materials for the production of flat panel displays, which will reduce manufacturing costs and power consumption, and improve colour uniformity and device lifespan.

The materials were developed through a project with the United States Display Consortium (USDC), a public-private partnership, and in collaboration with the Flexible Display Center at Arizona State University (ASU FDC), an industry-government-academic collaborative venture focused on developing advanced high information content flexible displays and associated materials and manufacturing technology.

Honeywell’s material enhances the amount of visible light that passes through the display while only absorbing less than 1% of the light. It achieves smoothness, also known in the industry as planarity, in excess of 90%. As a result, the colour uniformity of the display is improved. Initial manufacturing results show cost of ownership decreased by 10& or greater.

“Honeywell was able to leverage its existing technology and experience used in semiconductor material production in a way that addresses critical challenges facing the flat panel display industry,” said Peter Smith, display business director for Honeywell Specialty Materials.

“This new offering will help drive industry growth by making displays more rugged and cheaper to manufacture.”

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