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New low NOx manager role heralds Siemens commitment to clean coal technologies

Siemens has appointed a new project manager to oversee the company’s Australia and New Zealand operations in low Nitrous Oxide (NOx) burner projects, which it says highlights the significance of this “world-leading” clean coal technology for industry in the pacific region.

The company has appointed project manager Heinz Frey to herald its commitment to clean and efficient power generation, which includes a recent increase in its service portfolio to offer highly effective low NOx burners and combustion modifications for pulverised coal-fired steam generators, which improves combustion while also reducing harmful emissions, it says.

Siemens Energy vice president, David Pryke, said the uptake of Siemens ABT low NOx burners had necessitated the appointment, and was a reflection of both the innovative technology and industry’s commitment to reducing emissions.

“Our current low NOx projects represent substantial investments by our customers in Siemens clean coal technologies, and increasingly, we are seeing interest from other power station operators who genuinely want to minimise the environmental impact of emissions from their coal fired power plants. Installing Siemens ABT low NOx burners results in a significant reduction in NOx and other harmful pollutants by approximately 30-40%, depending upon the fuel and boiler specifications,” he said.

“Mr Heinz Frey brings a wealth of experience in Project Management in Engineer Procure Construct (EPC) Power Generation projects, having worked in this field for over three decades. We are pleased to welcome Mr Frey to Siemens.”

In addition to NOx reduction, Siemens ABT low NOx Burners reduce maintenance due to less wear and tear, improve operability with less burner turn down and enable control of fuel and air distribution between burners, which can improve overall plant performance and productivity, Siemens says.

Frey is based in the Siemens North Ryde office in Sydney.

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