New Long Life actuator from LINAK delivers an ultra-marathon performance

Long Life

For industrial automation applications, avoiding downtime is the ultimate challenge. Solutions must be trusted to keep up the pace – beyond the finishing line: the new linear actuator LA36 Long Life, from LINAK does just that, delivering extreme performance that conventional actuators cannot compete with. 

Stamina and intelligence are a winning combination 

The LA36 Long Life allows manufacturers to create reliable and long-lasting applications that can go the extra mile. Built for endurance, it has the staying power to keep performing longer. By adding a plug-and-play CANopen interface that delivers data for planning maintenance, LINAK has created a new generation of linear actuators that keeps workflow disruptions to a minimum, making this latest addition to their portfolio a tailor-made match for industrial automation applications. 

“The new Long Life actuator has redefined the concept of longevity, having been tested to perform a minimum of 200,000 cycles at maximum load and maximum duty cycle. The worst thinkable conditions. This roughly extends its working life to around 20x that of conventional actuators on the market. The considerable increase is primarily due to the incorporation of a brushless motor which takes us to new heights in long-term reliability and performance,” said business development manager at LINAK, Soren Buck.  

A fresh approach to integration and installation

It is not just endurance that the new Long Life actuator brings to the game – it is flexible too. With 24 V, an integrated controller and CANopen interface, LINAK puts more installation options on the table. And for tomorrow’s data-hungry applications, the actuator provides information for diagnostics and troubleshooting to dramatically cut service costs. 

Long Life
The LA36 delivers endurance, flexibility and innovation.

“Cutting down the costly time it takes our customers to integrate a solution has also played a part in the innovative design of our Long Life actuator. This plug-and-play solution also means less downtime for application users. With our new Long Life actuator, we make it possible to both drive down costs while adding significantly to an application’s lifetime,” said Buck.

LINAK is a market leader in the production and application of electric linear actuators with some 40 years of experience and more than 30 subsidiaries worldwide.  

About LINAK 

LINAK is a family-owned business, founded on a wish to improve the lives of people – by developing high-quality electric linear actuator technology that creates movement for a wealth of applications in healthcare, agriculture, industry, offices, and homes. 

Linear movement might be the simplest movement in the world. And yet, perfecting something simple is one of the hardest challenges. 

Since LINAK founder Bent Jensen came up with the idea for the first electric actuator, every engineer and specialist employed by LINAK has aimed to solve real life challenges.  

For further information, please visit www.linak.com/segments/techline/tech-trends/demanding-applications-need-solutions-that-can-go-the-distance/ 

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