New Ladder Diagram programming for Pilz PAS4000

The Pilz PSS 4000 is now even easier to manage all automation tasks with the integration of Ladder Diagram programming into the PAS4000 software tool.

Pilz released the first programmable safety system (PSS) in 1995, and since then it has been a market leader with the safety programmable logic controller (PLC).

Users can now select three of the five programming languages from the International Standard IEC61131-3; Function block diagram, Instruction List and Ladder Diagram, providing a higher level of usability and flexibility. Unique to the Pilz model, all the programming languages can be combined with the innovative PASmulti editor to simplify the design of complex programs.

The introduction of the Ladder Diagram programming follows from the release of Ethernet/IP connectivity in the previous release of PAS4000. The Pilz safety and standard control system can communicate with the common systems via ModbusTCP, Profibus-DP and Ethernet/IP natively, utilising the additional gateway modules, CANopen and Ethercat.

According to Scott Moffat, Pilz Managing Director, the incorporation of the new Ladder Diagram programming allows users to pick up the software tool easily without any specialist training. He explains that Ladder Diagram, or what is also known as loader logic, is the most common programming language used in Australia, so it’s an important step in the evolution of the PSS 4000 as a complete safety and automation solution.

Mr Moffat adds that the Ladder Diagram is easy to follow and great for troubleshooting or diagnosing faults. Coupled with the PASmulti editor, the PAS4000 Ladder Diagram editor simplifies the setting up of a safety PLC system.

The PSS 4000 is versatile enough to be either used as a combined standard and safety PLC or as a standalone safety PLC. According to Mr Moffat, Pilz has invested heavily in communication protocols to integrate with a variety of control systems from other manufacturers.

PSS 4000 has been implemented in solutions for mining, manufacturing, railway, bridge control, cable cars, oil platforms, hospitals, building fire protection and amusement rides.

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