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New Kimberley gas hub could begin production by 2011

A new gas hub destined for Western Australia’s Kimberley region could begin gas production within seven years, according to Woodside chief executive, Don Voelte, whose company will make use of the plant.

Voelte was quoted in ABC News Online as saying the hub, which would be built on the Kimberley coast north of Broome after traditional owners approved the project earlier this week, could be pumping out gas as early as 2015.

“We’re certainly pleased with the progress we’ve made to date with the signatures that we expect to put on the agreement,” he told ANC News Online.

“That’ll lead us into the securing of the state securing the title, getting the environmental approvals and getting all the permits that are required.

“We would like to get to construction as early as late 2011, with gas as early as 2015/2016.”

The new gas hub could open up opportunities for gas process solutions providers in the area, however it is still pending government approval.

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