New joint venture could see flood of migrant workers

ADEFFECTIVE has entered into a memorandum of understanding with Singapore-based HCMI which could see international workers entering into the Australian mining and resources sector en masse.

The MoU pertains to a joint venture with the Singaporean company, which “specialises in large scale sourcing and supplying of international workers to meet regional work force shortages”.

The joint venture, dubbed MANCO International, will aim to recruit and manage skilled international workers to meet what AdEffective says are labour shortages in the mining, extraction, infrastructure, communications and transport industries in Australia.

“HCMI will provide MANCO all necessary management, expertise, intellectual property and its ability to access skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled international workers,” claimed the press release.

AdEffective on the other hand will be providing its skills in large-scale online content management to remotely administer the immigrant workforce.

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