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New jobs due to Russian oil and gas project

PSN will create 100 new specialist engineering jobs in Melbourne, after securing two oil and gas engineering contracts in the remote Russian territory of Sakhalin Island, north of Japan.

In Australia, PSN employs over 600 people undertaking a range of complex engineering services for oil and gas producers in Bass Strait as well as the Western Australian Water Corporation.

PSN Australia Director Dave Irvine, explained that these roles will support the project management and technical engineering of the world’s newest and most challenging natural resource basin.

“PSN engineers in Melbourne will be supporting our customers in the multi-billion dollar development of Russian oil and gas reserves in an area which is covered in Artic ice for six months of the year,” said Mr Irvine.

“We have the world’s best oil and gas engineering talent here in Australia and PSN will be recruiting specialist project engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, quality and lead engineers as well as senior procurement advisors.

“These new recruits will join our global workforce maximising the efficiency and safety of the oil and gas production facilities,” said Mr Irvine.

The kinds of activities to be undertaken by PSN in Melbourne include improving the performance of oil & gas facilities, both onshore and offshore, modifying pipelines and structures, reducing risk and enhancing safety for production facilities, making modifications to help reduce the environmental impact of oil & gas activities, and supporting operational demands of clients by providing training and advising procedural changes.

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