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New IoT identity manager

LogMeIn has unveiled Xively Identity Manager, which is designed to be a new approach to tackling the unique and complex challenges of identity and access management (IAM) of Internet of Things (IoT) users and products. 

Xively Identity Manager has been designed to provide a turn-key, white-label option for onboarding and managing new end users of IoT devices, one that can easily be applied to web and mobile applications – the most common means of people creating accounts for their new connected products – through a simple API.  

Part of the Xively IoT platform also integrates with Xively’s ‘Blueprint’ capability, providing companies a seamless means of managing identities and access for employees, customers, apps, connected products, and connected product data. 

Xively Identity Manager provides businesses with the tools needed to:
·         Quickly rollout an identity solution to capture information of end users of connected devices
·         Create white-label identity – can be used by businesses to brand their own identity, embed identity in their own apps and web domains
·         Map identities to devices for access control, working in tandem with Xively Blueprint on security and authentication
·         Provide scalable access at runtime to ensure secure authentication at sub-second latency
·         Manage the full lifecycle of creation, onboarding, and decommissioning for both primary and secondary users
·         Build rich profile graphs of users to better map usage information and device data with specific customers and users for better service delivery and deeper customer relationships 

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