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New inertial measurement systems product launch

MEMSIC has announced the launch of the INS380 to its portfolio of Inertial Systems enabled with SmartSensing technology targeted to a broad range of precision motion sensing applications including Inertial Measurement Units (IMU), Vertical Gyros (VG),

Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS), Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) and Tilt measurement systems in a variety of packages suited for system designers to end equipment manufacturers. 

The INS380S is a complete inertial navigation system with a built-in 48-channel GPS receiver. The SmartSensing technology enables a turnkey system with better than 0.01 m/s velocity measurement accuracy. The integrated 3-axis magnetometer allows for accurate operation when the GPS signal is lost or when the vehicle comes to a stop. 

SmartSensing technology provides users with unmatched sensor fusion and performance in critical motion sensing applications including unmanned ground and aerial vehicles, platform stabilisation, avionics, precision agriculture, construction, and more.

INS380SA-400 EVALKIT is available for evaluation and ships completer with an INS380 Unit along with necessary accessories for quick installation. Designers can evaluate and configure the system using MEMSIC's NavView Software, available for download from


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