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New impedance analysers

The Hioki IM7583 and IM7585 impedance analysers measure impedance at up to 600 MHz and 1.3 GHz respectively. The LCR mode, making measurements at a single frequency is ideal for sorting components. 

In the analyser mode, frequency and level sweep can be used to evaluate characteristics during the product development process using predetermined judgement areas. The IM7583 and IM7585 deliver high-speed measurement in as little as 0.5ms thus boosting productivity for component manufacturers and incoming inspection. 

The comparator function provides pass/fail judgments and a BIN sorting function for up to 10 levels. Measurement repeatability is 0.07% (representative value at 1 GHz) for the IM7585. 

The small footprint—half rack width—(215 x 348 mm) allows implementation of compact testing systems. RS232 and GPIB interface are available as options. USB and LAN interface are provided as standard. 

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