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New HVAC & Pump controller range

 The new Modicon M171 controller series is at the centre of Schneider Electric’s offering of solutions for HVAC and pumping applications, focused on building automation. 

The controller offering is divided into two performance classes, namely Modicon M171 Optimised and Modicon M171 Performance.
The controller can be either DIN rail or wall-mounted and is equipped with up to 27 integrated inputs and outputs, having different combinations of discrete and analogue inputs and outputs, depending upon the type. Additional Modicon M171 controllers can also be networked.
Modicon M171 is supported by ready-to-use architectures and application function blocks (AFB), which can be managed in just one intuitive software environment. The AFBs reduce energy consumption and help to improve system efficiency.
The Modicon M171 controller also includes Modbus SL and RS485/ RS232 interfaces as part of the standard configuration. These allow the controller to connect to a wide range of automation and instrument components, as well as providing access to the internet for remote reporting and retrieval of system data.

Another key aspect for the performance class is the ability to integrate the solution into BMS architectures. This is achieved by docking appropriate communication modules onto the controller. Depending on the type, these modules can communicate via Ethernet (Modbus TCP, BACnet/IP, HTML5), BACnet MS/TP, Modbus SL, Profibus, or LONwork. Depending upon the version, they can also provide web visualisation and remote download functions.

The Modicon M171 optimised class offers a more streamlined unit, free of superfluous and expensive extra functionalities, for users who want to develop simple to moderately complex solutions without requirements for BMS architecture integration.  A Modbus SL or LAN expansion bus interface is integrated into the controller to allow setup of a simple communication network.

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