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New HMIs to feature MRAM technology

Freescale Semiconductor is providing non-volatile MRAM technology to an industrial touchscreen application developed by Siemens Industry Automation division.

Freescale’s 4Mbit Magnetoresistive Random Access Memore (MRAM) device is integrated into Siemens’ Simatic Multipanel MP 277 and MP 377 human machine interface (HMI) for industrial automation systems.

Siemens chose the technology because it provides an easy-to-use, non-volatile memory that maintains software-programmable logic controller (soft PLC) process data for its HMI platforms without battery-backup. User-programmable soft PLCs enable implementation of a complete, expandable machine control system in a small form factor that reduces system cost. Multipanels allow integration of several automation tasks on a single platform using soft PLC technology. Freescale’s device was selected for the rugged industrial application platform after extensive qualification testing by Siemens.

“Freescale’s MRAM device provides the non-volatility, performance, and reliability that we need to add user-programmable features to our mid- and high-end display products for the industrial automation market,” said Ingmar Binder, project manager for HMI R&D at Siemens Industry Automation division. Highlights of the Simatic Multipanel HMI series include connectivity options and a non-volatile alarm buffer that requires no additional backup battery in the event of a power loss.

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