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New high-definition surveillance range from RS Components simplifies security upgrades

RS Components, the trading brand of Electrocomponents plc, the global distributor for engineers, has boosted its video-surveillance portfolio with the new ABUS Analogue HD range, which enables customers to upgrade standard-definition systems economically using existing cables, and without introducing IP network equipment.

ABUS Analogue HD video cameras give up to four times better image quality than standard cameras, enabling advanced surveillance such as number-plate recognition and facial identification.

Transmission distances up to 500 metres are possible thanks to HD-TVI technology, giving greater flexibility when planning the network.

A selection of dome, box, tube and mini-tube camera types provides versatile choices for protecting individual premises, fuel-station kiosks, networks of stores or offices, or for industrial purposes such as process monitoring or quality control.

Simply connecting the new camera to existing cables and recorders helps avoid the expense of installing new infrastructure while introducing advanced features such as remote live view or access to recorded video via a browser or the ABUS iDVR HD Plus mobile app. Users can also monitor up to 256 recorders or 1,000 cameras using ABUS Central Monitoring Software (CMS). 

Compared with an IP-based system, ABUS Analogue HD is not only easier to implement but is also latency free thereby giving security staff an unimpeded live view of events as they happen in real-time.

The ABUS Analogue HD family is equally suitable for building small or mid-sized systems with a few cameras connected to one DVR, or larger systems with many cameras and multiple DVRs monitored on up to four screens or a video wall.

Ease of use and scalability together deliver a strong solution meeting the needs of installers, MRO electricians, facilities managers in large organisations, or owners of small businesses seeking to extend security or upgrade surveillance capabilities quickly and cost effectively. 

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