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New Gippsland energy sector powering jobs

A new earn and learn jobs program aims to provide training and job opportunities in the growing clean energy sector.

The $2.65 million initiative promises to deliver 130 jobs in the renewable energy supply chain and supporting industries in Gippsland and Melbourne’s south-east.

Minister for employment Vicki Ward visited Alinta Energy in Morwell to meet the participants of this program which she said is highly advantageous for all involved.

“There are lots of new jobs being created in our changing energy sector, and we want to make sure that all Victorians have the right support to take advantage of this opportunity,” said Ward.

The many job opportunities available include solar hot water manufacturing, battery recycling, solar installation and customer service.

This ‘earn and learn’ jobs program is helping to build a future-ready workforce for this critical sector,” said Ward.

The program is designed for people of all backgrounds, including young workers, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, Aboriginal people, people with disability and those experiencing long-term unemployment.

Jobs Victoria is partnering with the Latrobe Valley Authority, Solar Victoria and Maxima to deliver the project, bringing together industry expertise, skill development pathways and on-the-ground connections.

Recruits who participate in the program are placed in secure, entry-level positions for at least 12 months where they then receive support to help them succeed in their career.

The program aims to encourage a strong energy workforce that is critical to Victoria meeting our ambitious target of 95 per cent renewable energy generation by 2035, which will create 59,000 jobs and an additional 6,000 apprentices.

Minister for Energy and Resources Lily D’Ambrosio said the program is vital in developing skilled workers for Victoria’s renewable energy transition.

“Now and in years to come, Victoria’s renewable energy transition will continue to create thousands of jobs, so it is essential that we are building a strong pipeline of skilled workers for our renewable energy transition,” said D’Ambrosio.

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